Published Writings has been featured and published in Bitcoin Magazine and HackerNoon. Andy LeRoy is a top writer for HackerNoon (runner up Emerging Tech Finance in 2022)

Bitcoin Magazine

This article, featured by Bitcoin Magazine, looks at inflation, monetary supply, and our United States debt spiral, in constant term comparisons of land and energy.

Bitcoin Magazine - Millennials want o preserve purchasing power
How much energy is needed to buy the same house today as compared to 35 years ago in 1987?


Andy LeRoy was runner up in the contributor of the year in the emerging tech finance category for HackerNoon in 2022:

Noonies 2022 | Tech Awards by HackerNoon
The Noonies are the annual tech awards by HackerNoon. Voted by the community, we reward the brightest minds in software, crypto and the future of the internet.

This article, featured on the cover of HackerNoon, addresses the background challenges the United States faces that cause us to look to solutions of Bitcoin.

Does Bitcoin Actually Solve a Problem? | HackerNoon
Before we can evaluate if and how Bitcoin is worth any value, we must first acknowledge and agree that there are problems worth solving.
'Does Bitcoin Actually Solve a Problem?' - Published on HackerNoon

This article, also featured on the cover of HackerNoon, explores the issuance, copyright, and technicalities of NFTs.

Million Dollar Pixels: Diving into NFT Decentralization, Copyright, and Minting | HackerNoon
How do NFTs work? How decentralized are NFTs? In this article we explore the decentralization of NFTs with a demo using IPFS, Alchemy, and Filebase.