Bitcoin Exchanges on the Lightning Network and their Capacity

Bitcoin Exchanges on the Lightning Network and their Capacity
Photo by Nick Chong on Unsplash

Bitcoin exchanges offer incredibly valuable and necessary services for onboarding everyone from the fiat world.

Some exchanges have also adopted the Lightning Network to offer customers near free and instant transactions, and to also push forward the broader ecosystem.

We won't be standing in line at Starbucks for our coffee, waiting a half hour for 3 block confirmations to go by to settle our on-chain Bitcoin payment.

The Lightning network offers the "medium of exchange" property for Bitcoin to make transactions instant (and nearly free).

As backdrop, Visa settled ~$10.4 trillion in 2021 payment volume.

To bring that same level of speed, throughput, and value to Bitcoin payments, the Lightning Network must eventually grow to support these types of numbers (and beyond).

Already many exchanges have begun offering Lightning Network support and are driving forward network adoption at incredible rates.  In just the last month we have seen > 10% public capacity increases on the network, much of this driven by Exchanges.

Lightning Network public capacity increasing > 10% MoM

To help put some numbers to the growth of the Lightning Network, the following is a list of Exchanges on Lightning, ordered by public active capacity - which serves as a base for amplifying payment volume.

(Note that all numbers and association with companies and their accounts is not official and is done on a best effort basis by Exponential Layers)

Bitfinex: lnd-0 (482 bitcoin)
Bitfinex: lnd-1 (321 bitcoin)
River Financial (241 bitcoin)
Kraken (167 bitcoin)
Southxchange (87 bitcoin)
OKX (64 bitcoin)
Boltzhq (48 bitcoin)
FixedFloat (45 bitcoin)
Okcoin (39 bitcoin)
Bitstamp (12 bitcoin)
BitMEX Research (3.8 bitcoin)
The Rock Trading (.17 bitcoin)
Portico Exchange (.06 bitcoin)

This total of ~1,500 #bitcoin in active capacity represents nearly 37% of the LN's active capacity.

All exchanges here are listed by category in the Exponential Layers directory.

Are there other companies that should be included in this list?  What other metrics would be helpful to see on Lightning Network growth and adoption?

Thanks to all of the exchanges for driving growth and adoption of Bitcoin and Lightning 🙏