Introducing Lightning Network Node Audits

Audit your node's deployed capital with Layers' deterministic Lightning Network channel data and audit platform.

Introducing Lightning Network Node Audits

Introducing Lightning Network Node Audit functionality from Layers (formerly Exponential Layers):

Do you run a Lightning Node?

  • How does the rest of the network see your Lightning Node and its data?
  • How are you accounting for the capital you have deployed onto the Lightning Network?
  • What sort of research can you perform on other nodes on the network?

In the wake of the $3 Billion+ FTX fraud, the value of audit services, financial controls, and reporting has never been greater.  And the mantra of ‘Verify, Don’t Trust’ should be applied to capital deployed on the Lightning Network.

In this context, Layers (formerly Exponential Layers) has introduced new functionality to provide third party, deterministic audit reporting on any node on the Lightning Network.

When combined with specific and private transaction data from a node, Layers’ network audit data provides verifiable upper bounds on the public capital deployed to a node (and can be accounted for on an entity’s balance sheet).

Do you run a Lightning Node?  Or are you interested in verifying any node’s activity through a period?  Sign up for free to build your first two node audit reports here.

Build your first Node audit report

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