Three New Lightning Network Reports... #Bullish

Lightning Labs, ARK Invest, and Coinbase all featured the growth of the Bitcoin Lightning Network and its ecosystem in their latest research reports and newsletters.

Three New Lightning Network Reports... #Bullish
Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash

Lightning Labs is a leader in the development of the Bitcoin Lightning Network.  

They lead development of an open source Lightning Network node implementation (LND) and offer a suite of products which includes Lightning Terminal - for node management, Pool - a marketplace for liquidity on the Lightning Network, and Loop - for liquidity management.

Their latest newsletter here offers a fantastic overview of the growth of and on the Lightning Network and insight into their continued development of the Taro protocol:

"The opportunity provided by Taro bringing assets like stablecoins to the Lightning Network is clearly enormous. Every year, businesses and consumers pay $1.9 trillion in fees (2% of global GDP) for the right to pay each other. Visa’s 65% operating margin is one of the highest of all the companies in the S&P 500 index, and this margin is Lightning and Taro’s opportunity. They’ll never see it coming." - Lightning Labs

Decentralizing Global FX With Taro: How Bitcoin Renders “Cross-Border” Payments Obsolete 🍠💱
Welcome to the latest edition of the Lightning Lab, a newsletter filled with Lightning Network updates, community coverage, and, of course, memes! In this issue, we discuss how Taro decentralizes the global FX market, how bitcoin renders “cross-border” payments obsolete, how Lightning has continued…

Lightning Labs also highlights four companies who announced venture raises in aggregate of $44 Million (ZEBEDEE, Fedi, Galoy, and Stacker News), and gives an overview of the tremendous growth on the Lightning Network.

And a huge THANK YOU to Lightning Labs for including Exponential Layers on their list of new products to watch!

Exponential Layers featured in Lightning Labs' latest newsletter

There is so much activity, development, and growing adoption on the Lightning Network - thanks to Lightning Labs for this comprehensive report.

ARK Invest also specifically highlighted the growth of the Lighting Network in their July Bitcoin Monthly Report.  

The Bitcoin Monthly July Report
The Bitcoin Monthly July Report includes commentary around Bitcoin experiencing its most significant gain since October 2021, and more!

As seen in this specific slide, the Lightning Network has grown more than 300% in public capacity in just the past 3 years.

In July alone, this number (public capacity on the network) grew more than 10%, and August has seen several all-time highs:

Thanks to ARK Invest for all of their research and Lightning Network feature.

If all of this is not enough to highlight the incredible growth of the Lightning Network and ecosystem, Coinbase also published a report as they look into the Lightning ecosystem.

Is the Bitcoin Lightning Network for real?
A look at how the Lightning Network can potentially disrupt the $150B a year payment and remittance industry.

More than 12 exchanges already provide ~37% of the public capacity on the Lightning Network... could Coinbase be next?

Bitcoin Exchanges on the Lightning Network and their Capacity
Bitcoin exchanges offer incredibly valuable and necessary services for onboarding everyone from the fiat world. Some exchanges have also adopted the Lightning Network to offer customers near free and instant transactions, and to also push forward the broader ecosystem. We won’t be standing in line a…

It is safe to say there is incredible growth in the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem right now.  Thanks to Lightning Labs, ARK Invest, and Coinbase for publishing and sharing all of their research and reports.  For an up to date look at all of the latest Lightning Network data and analytics, visit the Exponential Layers explorer and subscribe here!